Seattle cancer care alliance questions? (855) 557-0555 home about us diseases & treatment how to help find doctor make appointment contact us chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) text size a a... > chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) > cll facts > diagnosing cll print this page | e-mail to a friend | share [x close] e-mail to a friend your e-mail: your friend's e-mail: message to your friend:    enter the above text to validate. buy viagra without prescription Send to friend cll overview survival rates cll facts what is leukemia? viagra online without prescription Symptoms and risk factors diagnosing cll treatment options our doctors what to expect participate in a study patient support & housing patient stories web resources questions? buy viagra Call (800) 804-8824 diagnosing cll when diagnosing chronic lymphocytic leukemia, your doctor will first take a careful and complete medical history and then perform a physical exam to determine your overall health and to look for suspicious signs, such as swollen lymph nodes or an enlarged spleen. Next, your doctor will order a number of tests to help in the diagnosis. These tests may include some of the following. Complete blood count (cbc) this test examines blood for the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and the amount of hemoglobin (protein that carries oxygen) in your red blood cells, and the percentage of your blood consisting of red blood cells. viagra online thailand   cytogenetic analysis your blood or bone marrow cells are examined under a microscope for changes in the chromosomes. Sometimes a chromosome is missing a part, which makes the cell behave abnormally. took viagra viagra same time Fluorescent in situ hybridization (fish) this is a special test that uses fluorescent dyes that attach to specific parts of certain chromosomes. More chromosomal abnormalities can be seen under a microscope using this technique. generic viagra online The information obtained from the fish analysis helps to distinguish cll from other forms of leukemia or lymphoma. This test also helps determine whether your cll is a more aggressive or less aggressive form of the disease. Immunophenotyping this test helps your doctor find out whether your increase white blood cell count is d. viagra coupon 30 day viagra cost


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